About Us

Every household has some basic necessities which need to be met. We at Community Coupon understand that savings are a huge aspect of our daily lives. Now get more every time you go shopping. Currently we are offering coupons for appliance and plumbing repair, and carpet cleaning.

Our dedication to your needs and efforts give us a niche in this world of coupons. Community Coupon in NYC is always dedicated to getting you the best deals. It doesn’t matter if your appliance has broken down, or your tap has contracted a leak or even if you just need a basic floor carpet clean, our coupons will be there to save your money every time.

We understand that food stamps unfortunately do not cover breakages around the house. However, life becomes very difficult when a necessary appliance in the household becomes defunct. It could be your microwave or your fridge, appliances are important. For that matter life would become difficult even if your water closet is choked and no amount of suction helps. You would require a plumber in this situation and food stamps simply will not cover the expense.

We do not claim that coupons received from community coupon will get you the service for free. But, we do guarantee a hefty discount in the regular fee. Our customers have received discounts from anything between 40% and 70%.

With coupons from community coupons you can spend your hard earned cash on items which you need. You do not need an unprecedented breakdown putting your whole budget in a mess. Use our coupons to get your issue fixed within budget. We even went an extra mile and got you cleaning coupons.

Studies have proven that a dirty and unclean house is an abode for diseases. Most of the parasites make their home in your rugs and carpets. Community coupon cares for your health. Our range of coupons has included cleaning services as well for your carpets, upholstery, tiles etc. Now you do not need to get on your hands and feet to get the job done. You can hire the professional.

High standard of living is a luxury which every household should have. This is our drive to get coupons available to you so that you can have a modicum of luxury in your life. Utilize our coupons today and start living stress free. We promise that our coupons will work each time every time. This is the promise of Community Coupon in NYC.